• Departure from ZAGREB
  • Excursion duration: 1 day
  • Excursion for 1-7 persons
  • Car rental with driver
  • Opportunity of having a lunch and professional guide organised
  • Distance from Zagreb:


As its inhabitants and numerous visitors will tell you, Ljubljana is, indeed, a people-friendly city. Categorized as a medium-sized European city, it offers everything a metropolis does yet preserves its small-town friendliness. The city owes its present appearance partly to Italian baroque and partly to Art Nouveau, which is the style of the numerous buildings erected immediately after the earthquake of 1895. In the first half of the 20th century, modern Ljubljana was shaped by the strong personal style of Jože Plečnik, a great European architect and a local of Ljubljana. For the people of Ljubljana culture is a way of living and thinking and is very much a part of everyday life. Over 10,000 cultural events take place in the city every year, among which there are 10 international festivals.


Slovenia has only one island but its uniqueness makes it more attractive than many an archipelago. Sheltered by picturesque mountains, the island reigns in the middle of an Alpine lake. Its charm has made it a symbol for centuries of a town to which guests from all over the world love to return. This town, which has already existed for a thousand years, is BLED. Cosmopolitan seekers of diversity and beauty, of relaxation and inspiration, tranquillity and the challenges of sport will find here a multitude of opportunities. With immense natural beauty, Bled, together with its surroundings, ranks among the most beautiful alpine resorts, renowned for its mild, healing climate and thermal lake water. The beauty of the mountains reflected on the lake, the sun, the serenity and the fresh air arouse pleasant feelings in visitors throughout the year, guaranteeing an ideal base or a relaxing break or an active holiday. Bled attracts businessmen, artists, athletes, explorers, sport enthusiasts, the old and the young, from all over the world, enchanting them to return again and again


is a 20 km long and 5 km wide basin within the Julian Alps, in the Upper Carniola region of northwestern Slovenia. It is traversed by the Sava Bohinjka river. Its main feature is the periglacial Lake Bohinj (Slovene: Bohinjsko jezero). Bohinj is part of the eponymous municipality, the centre of which is located at Bohinjska Bistrica. Whether your heart is set on swimming, having a picnic or simply unwinding with a good book, Lake Bohinj is a destination all its own.  There are more Slovenia sights in this region than merely its mesmerizing lake, however.  The awe-inspiring mountains that hang overhead, tearing the sky with their mighty peaks, beckon the nature-lover onward and upward to one of the many hiking trails that wrap their way through stone forests and around wind-gnarled pines.  And as with many things, it is the journey there that is perhaps the most memorable.

Price in euro per person
1 person 355 €
2 persons 182 €
3 persons 125 €
4-7 persons 115 €

Price includes :

  • Driver/companion
  • Car with all accessories
  • Fuel
  • Toll
  • Parking
  • Tickets for Old City in Ljubljana
  • Official tourist guide in Ljubljana
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